reply paid label


Winechek Reply Paid Express Service We have organised an Express Reply-Paid Post service through Australia Post. This should make getting samples to us much easier and more reliable. Instructions to use the Reply-Paid Express service are as follows:

1. Pack up your samples as you would normally.

2. Address the package to our Busselton Laboratory as below. Reply Paid 85118 Winechek PO Box 82 Vasse, WA 6280

3. Take the package to your local Post Office or Agency. Tell them it is an Express Reply-Paid Post package (not the pre-paid satchels). They should put express post tape on your package and add a barcode sticker for traceability as below.

4. Keep the detachable tracking number label that is peeled off the sticker. This will help if the package goes missing and needs to be traced.

5. You should then sign the Dangerous Goods Declaration (below). If you don’t your parcel will go as routine mail & may take 10 days until we receive it.

6. Hand over the parcel and postage will be invoiced to Winechek.

7. Please call or send us an email to let us know that it is on the way, so we can quickly identify any delivery issues. Please allow 1-2 days for delivery within Western Australia, 4-5 days elsewhere.